Professional Development Instructions

Step One

Go to Microsoft recommends Internet Explorer 7 or later and Safari 4 or later, but we have found that it works fine with Google Chrome. Please ensure ahead of time that your internet filter setting allows you to access these links.

Step Two

Download and print the attendees’ Slide Presentation Handouts + other handouts we emailed you, you can print them four or six to a page.

Step Three

This program does not support audio. Joining the conference at the scheduled time is by calling our teleconference number: (718) 362-6446. To ensure quality audio, use a landline phone.

Step Four

At about 5 minutes before the presentation is scheduled to begin, a unique link will be generated for today’s presentation. Go to the live presentation links section by clicking on the tab at the top of the page named School Live Links or by going to “categories” on the right sidebar and selecting “Live Links.”

Step Five

Click on the link for the most recent presentation. Every post is labeled with a date and time, with the most recent post appearing first. The title of the post will usually (not necessarily always) include the name of your school. The link will look something like this:

Step Six

To view the presentation in full screen, you can choose the “View Full Screen” at the top left side of your browser. Those who join before the slideshow begins will see a screen that says, “Waiting for broadcast to begin”

no presentation availble-

Step Seven

When the slideshow is ready to begin, the screen will show the image pictured below. We will wait for all attendees to arrive before starting the presentation.

Please note:

There is nothing that you need to control from your end. The presenter will move you from slide to slide.

Happy listening!

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